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A student driven lab where young talents in multidisciplinary teams get to research, prototype and develop digital products, learn the importance of team collaboration and work with a bunch of talented people. All facilitated within the heart of Humblebee.

  • Research

  • Ideate

  • Test

  • Iterate

  • Business Case

  • MDP

Through rapid research (ethnographic techniques as well as wider macro market research) we will understand your users needs and pains. Understanding your customers will hopefully open a gap in the market for us to build in.

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Design & UX

You want to become a champion of human-centered design and create intuitive and beautiful experiences. You have a user experience mindset and by using insights from user research you design and present innovative digital solutions. In a very near future, you want to be a master of your craft, be able to ideate, sketch, and prototype over multiple devices.

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You have a passion for code and technology. You have an experimenting mindset and it would not surprise us, if you built your own home automation system or hacked your TV. You want continuously learn more, not only about new technologies and code but also about user insights, ideation, and prototyping. You love both, computers and people!

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Business Design

Entrepreneurial mindset and curiosity to doing things differently are part of your who you are. You want to become a master in understanding and executing business decisions, and have a mindset of understanding simple unit economics to grasping entire market sizes. You want to learn from your peers in design and tech in order to make a digital product feasible for the product-market fit, not forgetting the user!

Fall 2017

The Morning Monster

The Mornin Monster is an augmented reality alarm that wakes you up and puts you to bed. The Monster lives in your smart phone, and can only sleep the phone is locked. Monster with good night sleep will wake you up in the morning being happy, whereas tired Monster will scream and run, forcing you to get up and catch it.

Spring 2018

Improving smart citites

What is safety? How can feel of safeness be improved in cities by improving smart cities? Hive 3.0 explored the are of safety and smart cities, and developed various digital concepts to make cities a bit better place to live.

Fall 2018

Property tech

Together with property companies, the current Hive is exploring what can property technology do to improve tenant experience in commercial spaces. Check out their instagram @humblebeehiveteam to find out more!

November 20th 2018

What really happens in the Hive student lab?

Iida Nyyssönen

November 22th 2018

Hive — what’s in it for devs?

Iida Nyyssönen

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Apply for Fall 2019

Last day for application: April 30th, 2019!

We handle applications when they come in, and recruit suitable candidates as you read this, so apply now to not miss out on this opportunity. We are looking forward to your application!

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